Upper West 80’s Productions has full end-to-end capability for film production and post-production, aside from lighting, sound effects and ADR. We can work with productions of any size seeking the absolute best.  Our gear rental, production and post-production services are listed below.  Please contact us for pricing and availability. We only work with well-established film, TV or commercial production companies or professionals.

Gear Rental

Master Prime lenses: 16mm, 21mm, 27mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and the Master Macro 100.

Varicam 35 4K camera, Codex 4K raw recorder, four 2 TB Codex SXR capture drives, Codex drive dock (thunderbolt 3), Codex compact drive adapter, five 500 GB P2 cards, Varicam extension module with 5 and 20 meter cables.

Arri/Foma systems Maxima stabilizer, with Artemis arm and vest. The Maxima stabilizer is a heavy duty stabilizer that shares the same head as the Trinity stabilizer system.

PLC Veracity wheels (pan, tilt and roll) for remote use with Maxima, Trinity and/or SRH-3

Two Sachtler tripods: 20 S1 SL HD MCF (system, tripod height 0.56 to 1.57 m), CF 100M (tripod height 0.20-0.72 m), tripod dolly.

Flanders DM 240 color grading monitor, with stand and sun hood for use in video village on set.

Teradek Bolt 995 Pro 3000 Deluxe Kit (TX/2RX). HD wireless video transmission approx 3000 feet range with antenna array.

WCU-4 wireless focus pull unit. Three C-Force Plus lens motors. AMC-1 lens motor unit.

Three Small HD 702 Bright monitors. Director’s cage.

Sound Devices 688 recorder, four Sennheiser AVX2 wireless units, four Omni lav mics, three Sennheiser boom mics (short MKH 8050, medium MKH 8060, long MKH 8070), 16+ foot K-Tek Klassic boom pole.

A Sennheiser Esfera mic and processing board to record ambient 5.1 surround beds. This unit produces incredibly real surround recordings. Requires post-production processing on site at our location.

Post-Production Services

Sound mixing: Up to date Pro Tools Ultimate software with Pro Tools 8x8x8 system. Five Genelec 8020C monitoring speakers + Genelec 10″ Active 120W LSE Sub for 5.1 surround mixing.

Coloring and Editing: Davinci Resolve Studio, Premiere Pro, Media Composer.

Scoring: Cubase, Spitfire Everything, Soundiron Omega Bundle, Komplete 14 Collector’s Edition, Dominus Choir Pro, Bamboo Xaxophone, DidgHybridoo, Haunted Choir, My Log Drum, Omnisphere, VSL Yamaha CFX.

Opening and end-credit title creation.

DCP creation via EasyDCP Resolve plugin.

LTO-7 tape backup system, for long term storage.

94 TB disk storage system — currently about 35 TB available, but can increase to roughly 65 TB.


Specialized theatrical and streaming distribution services available.